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Why don't you answer the phone?

We are only at the facility 3 days a month.  The phone is monitored by volunteers that have full time jobs and families.  

Do you have dogs & cats for adoption?

We do NOT have animals for adoption.  The last animal left in January of 2016.  The Board of Directors made the decision that "You can't adopt your way out of animal overpopulation".  We have focused our efforts into reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs through high volume / low cost spay & neuter services

Why don't you operate as a shelter?

 A shelter requires hundred's of thousands of dollars a year to operate.  The need for employees would require payroll, more insurance, management staff AND veterinary services.  Animal Control on both ends of the lake have WAY more experience and still struggle - lack of funding, lack of staff and lack of veterinary services.  It doesn't make sense to compete for already scarce resources.

Why do the spay / neuter services cost so much?

SPCA of Lake County doesn't receive ANY outside funding from Federal, State, County or City.  We have to pay for the veterinary staff, surgical supplies, utilities and insurance, as well as facility maintenance.  When we DO receive grants, funding and / or supplies, we pass it on to the clients.  Our Feed Them Fix Them feral cat clinics are fully subsidized and offered at NO CHARGE.  We received 275 DHPP (parvo) vaccinations and passed them along at no charge to clients.  Larger cities have more resources for funding and can offer lower prices

Why don't you get grants to fund the clinic?

Grants can have very specific criteria.  In addition to being very time consuming to locate and apply, many grants that include spay/neuter services require that it be part of a working shelter or provide more services than we are able to offer.  We are always on the lookout and we do apply for as many as we can find.  It is a very competitive process.

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