SPCA of Lake County

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Welcome to the SPCA of Lake County

Established in 1989 as SPCA of Clearlake - we began as an animal shelter, caring for dogs and cats waiting for adoption.  The sheer volume of animals that came through our doors was daunting.  In 2015, the board of directors made the decision to “stop chasing our tail” and re-focus our efforts on reducing number of unwanted pets in Lake County before they end up in a shelter.  We adopted out and transfered all of our dogs & cats and closed the shelter portion of our organiztion to focus on a high volume / low cost spay and neuter program.

Along with this shift in our focus, there have been other changes.  Our new mission included the name change to SPCA of Lake County to encompass the entire county we serve.  We have partnered with several organizations over the years to reduce the number of unwanted and homeless animals.  In 2019, we completed 432 spay and neuters.  We are working on a goal of 600 for 2020.

In 2015, the SPCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Lake County Animal Control to be the hosting facility for LEAP (Lake Evacuation and Animal Protection) in the event of a natural or other disaster.   Little did we know how important our little building would become as a landing spot for many displaced pets during the fires of 2015 and 2016 (thankfully we were only on stand by for 2017 & 2018 fires)  LEAP was able to provide the staff to assist displaced families with a safe place to care for their pets at our facility.

Early in 2017, the facility went through an extensive remodel following some water damage from a burst pipes. The Board of Directors took the opportunity this challenge presented and upgraded the equipment, freshened up the colors, and improved the lighting, among other things.
One of the changes that we are most proud of is establishing a Public Assistance Fund.   We recognize that many people struggle financially, often forced to choose between needed medical care for their beloved pet and their obligations for food and rent.  With this fund  we are able to assist clients with paying for their veterinary care.  Please check our Donations page for the locations of our Donation Boxes around the county as well as other opportunities to support this worthy fund.
We are staffed by our very own amazing Dr. Jennifer Eisley, as well as a reliable team of Registered Veterinary Technicians and tireless volunteers

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics soon!

Clayton - survivor of the 2016 Clayton Fire fostered by one of the SPCA of Lake County board members

The SPCA of Lake County is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to reducing the number of unwanted animals in the County of Lake through high volume, low cost spay and neuter programs, as well as improving the lives of the animals of Lake County through the use of a low cost monthly Vaccination Clinic.